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Why Customers Stop Buying From Your Business AND How to Prevent It

Why Customers Stop Buying From Your Business AND How to Prevent It


Do you ever wonder why customers stop buying from you or your business and disappear?

Recent research shows us. There are five, and only five reasons why customers stop buying from you. They are:

  1. They’re gone
  2. Have changed suppliers
  3. Competitive advantage
  4. Poor service
  5. Perceived Indifference

So, knowing that you are in a position to do something about it.

Indeed, attrition will happen, and no matter what you do, customers will leave. For instance, as you will discover later in this post, one of the reasons why customers stop buying. Is because they are dead. Not a lot we can do about that.

However, when you look at the statistics your customers dying is a small number, thankfully.

So, read on and discover the real reasons why customers stop buying. Then we will look at ways you can implement changes to stop it happening to you.

5 Reasons Why Customers Stop Buying From You.

4% They are gone. They have moved, got promoted, transferred, divorced, die or whatever. They are simply no longer in a position to make a buying decision.

5% Have changed their suppliers on the recommendation of a friend or business associate.

9% Change because of a true competitive advantage; an honest benefit offered over your product or service.

14% Change because they are unhappy with your service or product.

The #1 Reason Why Customers Leave Your Business.

68% of customers stop buying from you because of a “PERCEIVED INDIFFERENCE” a perceived lack of caring expressed by your company!

[Sources: From U.S. government study “Why Customers Stop Buying.” ]


And, whether you do or, don’t care and I am sure you do. It is what your customers believe that is important.

So, that is 68% of clients you never had to lose. They did not think that you cared enough about, if they returned and bought from you again, or not.

Maybe, you have not kept in touch, or show them in any way that you valued them as a customer. Furthermore, appreciate their business with you.

Suggestions to help prevent your customers from leaving your business.

If They’ve Changed Supplier

Stay in touch with them. They are not gone. They may have been curious, and you may get them back, sometimes quite quickly.

Consider using a Sales and Marketing Automation Software solution to systematise this important aspect of your marketing effort.  Not only will the customer follow-up care happen it will happen in a consistent and measurable way.

Because of Competitive, Advantage

Usually, this means price.

How can a competitor win on price?

Have they improved efficiency and you have not?

Are you continually reassessing your internal systems and striving to improve them?

Or, is it value?

Your customers stop buying because they do not fully understand the value of your offering.

Are they fully aware of your value and why you are the better solution?

What is unique about your business/product?

Why did they buy from you originally?

What has changed since then?

Again,  Sales and Marketing Automation software will help with your customer retention – communication strategy.

They’re Unhappy with the Product or Service

Are you matching your offer precisely with what your customer needs? You are better off turning a client away, than selling them something that’s not right for them. This way you build trust and leave the door open to come back when you feel you have something that fills their needs.

Selling something wrong for the customer will result in a dissatisfied customer. Furthermore, possibly close the door on you forever.

[See this post on Profitable Customers to understand that, not all customers are worth having.]

Remember not every customer is willing to complain, 96% of dissatisfied customers do not.  Have a process where you check to see if they are happy, make it easy for them to give you feedback, both good and bad. Have a process to follow up based on their feedback.

By the way, resolving a customer complaint quickly and efficiently will save 95% of the clients who complain. Just listening to complaints will salvage more than 50% of them!

Here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself

How do you monitor and record your customers levels of satisfaction?

What systems do you employ to monitor your customer complaints?

What is your understanding of the whole of the customer journey cycle?

Customers Stop Buying Because of Perceived Indifference

In a nutshell show your clients you care!

There are numerous ways you can do this. It starts by thanking them for their initial purchase and then following up regularly. Also, let them know about new or complementing products. Invite them back to buy more. Above all, stay in touch.

The other side of the marketing coin is Customer Retention. Most business owners understand the customer acquisition side of their marketing effort, but many ignore or disregard the client retention side.

What is your customer retention strategy?

In Conclusion

There is more to your marketing than customer acquisition. That is only one side of the coin, and you must understand your existing customers are your business’s greatest asset.

Also, they probably cost you quite a bit to acquire them! Knowing this then they need to be treated as such.

Marketing starts well before the first sale and continues long after. It encompasses the complete customer lifecycle. You can read more about Customer Lifecycle Marketing in this post: The Ultimate Guide To Customer Lifecycle Marketing.




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