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5 Vital Numbers You Must Focus Your Time & Energy On To Increase Profits In Your Business.

5 Vital Numbers You Must Focus Your Time & Energy On To Increase Profits In Your Business.


Businesses that increase profits each year thrive.  If your earnings aren’t rising, the chances are your company isn’t thriving. You’re probably feeling anxious about cash flow and wonder where your time is going.

Here are the only five ways to Increase Profits to help you solve the problem.

But, before you read on here are some assumptions I’m making;

  • You’re in business and have been for at least a year. (although if you are just starting read on)
  • You currently have some customers/clients who buy your products or services.
  • You want to know how to, maximise your effort and Increase Profits in your business.

Are your profits higher than last year?

I asked that question, along with several others, in a previous post. I explained the importance of understanding the crucial numbers in your business.  And strongly suggested a basic measuring system to get started.

Vital Profit Drivers

Now let’s look at the vital profit drivers in your business and why you are unable to increase profits compared to your efforts.  And what to do about it.

I believe that your profit trend is the single most powerful indicator of your company’s health. As profits decline, companies cut their sales and marketing efforts. Manufacturers postpone plant upgrades and delay research and development. And it becomes a lot less fun to own a business. Something needs to change to avoid the typical business trend of repeated boom and bust. And its detrimental consequences.

Increase Profits

Here are the five vital areas to focus on to help you increase profits in your business:

Follow a strategic approach to your Sales & Marketing – using Lifecycle Marketing see: What is Lifecycle Marketing AND How Can I make it Work For Me?

1. Your Number of Leads.

Leads – The total number of POTENTIAL buyers of your product or service. Sometimes called; prospect, suspect, opportunity or potential.  Here’s the rub do you know how many leads on average you get in your business in any period, (day, week, month year).  Whenever I meet a potential new client, lead generation, they inform me it is a priority concern for them.  I say “not yet” read on, and you’ll discover why…

Your marketing activity determines your number of leads. See The 4 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make with Lead Generation & How You Can Avoid Them

2. Your Conversion Rate.

Conversion Rate – The percentage of people who did buy compared to the people who potentially could have purchased. (your leads).  Do you know this number?  If you don’t measure this and from my experience, most don’t – there is a potentially HUGE opportunity for you to increase profits and seriously improve your cash flow.

I recently worked with a new client, and I asked him what’s his conversion rate. He responded with about 70%.  So I asked him to confirm this by measuring it over six weeks.   He recorded 23% and was upset.  I was delighted; I knew where the opportunity was to increase profits in his business and FAST.

This number determined by your customers’ confidence in your product or service and your ability to make a sale.

3. Your Average £ Value of Each Transaction.

Average £ Value – Here’s one area I find business owners generally do measure.  If you don’t, I recommend you start. What you are looking for is the average. Some customers might spend £5, or some may spend £500, but the average amount is what you want.  (Add up all your sales and divide it by the total number of sales/invoices)

Improving the average value of each transaction is where, as a proactive and focused business owner, you’ll find golden nuggets. A small increase in average £ value will dramatically increase profits for you.

Your business acumen determines this number: how well do you spot and seize opportunities?

4. The Average Number of Transactions of Each Customer/Client.

Number of Transactions – Again, what you’re looking for here is the number of times the AVERAGE customer/client buys from you in a year. Not the best, not the worst.  Some businesses have customers buying daily, some weekly some every year or even after several years.  If you do not measure this number, seriously you’re missing out.  Did you know it’s 6 times more expensive to generate a new customer compared to getting your existing customers to come back more frequently?

Your pro-activity mainly determines this number. And how well your customers perceive your level of customer service.

How loyal are your customers?. Do you measure your customer service levels?

To increase profits and I mean you substantially increase profits.  You need to understand the lifetime value of loyal customers.

5. Your Profit Margins.

Profit Margins – Are the percentage of every sale (transaction) that’s profit.  In other words sale something for £100, and it cost you £60 your overhead contribution consumes another £20 that leaves you with £20, so that’s 20% profit margin. It’s again another potential gold mine to tap into. And where I’d encourage you to look first  (see “not yet” lead generation above).

This number is generally an indication of your effectiveness at managing your business and its resources.  Importantly it is also affected by every other function in your business. You’re either decreasing or increasing potential profits with EVERY activity you perform in your business.

So there you have it. The five critical numbers to focus your time and energy on, to increase profits in your business.

Remember, change starts with your awareness of the current reality. (know your numbers)

You’re then in a position to;

  • Identify the areas of opportunity (from your numbers).
  • Set yourself some improvement goals/targets and then;
  • Focus on these areas of opportunity, by allocating yourself time to work ON this important business development activity.
  • Measure the outcome

Follow a strategic approach to your Sales & Marketing – using Lifecycle Marketing see: What is Lifecycle Marketing AND How Can I make it Work For Me?

Remember this bit of sound advice “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”.




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