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Promote Business for FREE – 15 Ways How (And They Won’t take Long)

Obvious but Often Overlooked here are 15 Ways How You Can Promote Your Business For Free

1  Make the most of your “Old Boys” network

Register Your Business with Old boys/girls networks – primary, high school, university, sporting clubs etc.

  • Sporting Clubs
  • Parents & Friends
  • Old boys/girls clubs

You may be rubbing shoulders with friends who do not actually know what you do and how you can help their business.

2  Attend meetings of professional groups

E.g. – Computer user groups and groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or Civic Associations.

Have your business cards in a pocket where they are easily reachable. Every time you start to say “My name is,” reach in your pocket for a business card. By the time you get to “I run a…” (type of business), your business card should be deposited in the hand of the person with whom you are speaking. Don’t forget to ask what the people you speak with do, and to really listen to them. They’ll be flattered by your interest, and better remember you because of it.

3  Offer to be a speaker on subjects utilising your area of expertise.

Volunteer organisations, libraries and online forums often need speakers for meetings. After you’ve had some practice speaking (enough to feel comfortable doing it and to have gotten some positive feedback), look into working with speaker’s bureaus to book speaking engagements for you. You’ll benefit two ways from such engagements: the fee you receive for doing them, and the publicity you, and your product or service gets as a result.

4  Email Signature

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving an email from someone who wants to talk further, get together or have you send them something – that doesn’t have any personal information in the email.

So at the end of every email you send, always cross reference the following information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Mailing address
  • At least two phone numbers
  • Fax number (Some Industries Still Have These
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Include a link to your entry level offer, or any events you are hosting
  • Include a link to the Business  or Trade Institutes you belong to

5  Always Be Easy to Reach (Always carry your business cards)

Have you ever told a story about a successful, serendipitous business encounter that ended with the phrase, “Thank God I had one of my business cards with me that day!”?

If so, great! You’re practicing approachability by being “easy to reach.”
If not, you’ve no doubt missed out on valuable relationships and opportunities… And it happens – people forget cards, get their supply reprinted or change jobs.

But the bottom line is; there is a time and place for networking: ANY time and ANY place. Because you just never know with whom you might meet.

6  Testimonials

  • If you use public speaking to increase your visibility, attract interest and generate leads for your business pass out an evaluation form to your audience. Make sure to ask at the end of the evaluation form, “May we use your name and comments in our marketing materials?” Have a space for them to check “yes” or “no,” along with their signature. Again, most people are delighted to have you use their comments!
  •  Using the satisfied customer’s name greatly increases your credibility. It is far stronger to have an endorsement with a name than without. Use the customer’s name and the company name. Make sure to ask permission to use their name first.
  • Ask your customers to write testimonial letters. Say, “I was wondering if you could help me.” (People love to help!) “Would you write a testimonial letter for me outlining how happy you are with our service?” (Only ask customers that you are sure are happy!)
  • Offer to write it for them, “I know that you are very busy. I’d be more than happy to draft something for you to edit.” People do genuinely want to help, and people are also genuinely very busy. This makes it easy for them to help.
  • Every time you complete a project and/or a customer says something positive to you about your service, say to them, “Would you write that down on your letterhead? It would be a big help to me, and I would use it to market my service.”
  •  Use your testimonials as success stories when speaking with prospects or even customers. This enables you to tell others what you have accomplished for your customers without appearing to brag. The model of a success story is: Your customer had a problem. You fixed it. They are now very happy. Remember to always tell your success story from the customer or prospect’s point of view. That means stick to the benefits that your customers received from your work.
  • And if you occasionally suffer from the “blahs,” here’s another tip. Post your favorite testimonial letters on a bulletin board or clear wall space near where you work. Put the rest into a three-ring binder. Anytime you start to feel “blah,” read through your letters from all of the people saying how much you have helped them. It will perk you right up!

7  Social Media

Start a Blog (WordPress.com) is free, have accounts with Twitter, Facebook (create a Business Page) and LinkedIn all free – then build and engage with your social network.

8  Voice Mail Benefits

Voice mail…the cold-caller’s nightmare? Not necessarily. When you leave a message, state three terrific ways this person can benefit by meeting with you and also leave a specific time and date that you’ll stop by to see them. Also state that they should call you if this meeting time doesn’t fit their schedule. Chances are good that they’ll return the call. You can then start the prospecting process.

9  On-the-Spot Referrals

Visiting a customer? Ask your client to “phone a referral” for you while you’re sitting there. If the referral is positive, you can get on the phone and talk to the prospect right there to set up a “go-see”.

10  Speak Up!

Most business people go to trade shows and conferences to receive the latest industry information. It’s all well and good to have a booth at these shows, but it’s probably a better marketing bet to offer your services as a speaker at one of the conference’s seminars. Talk about a third-party endorsement! If you’re on the speaker’s list, you’ll be perceived as an expert that the association endorses. Contact the association’s meeting planner to discuss this possibility.

11  Free Second Opinion

Second opinions aren’t just for the medical field! A-Absolute Heating & Air Conditioning of Northern Virginia offers free “second opinions” to prospects that aren’t sure they’re receiving the right advice and reasonable estimates. Smart marketing that gets A-Absolute in the door. Think of ways you can use a “second opinion” offer in your business.

12  Profitable…By Association

Many people join professional trade associations for access to current industry information. Another important membership attraction is an association’s buying power for value-added deals on products and services that benefit its membership. How can your business profit from such an arrangement? Contact the group’s Membership Director to arrange a meeting to discuss ways your products or services can be of use to his/her membership.

13  Meetup.com

Meetup.com is a fantastic networking site which helps people find others who share their interest or cause, and form lasting, influential, local community groups that regularly meet face-to-face. It is extremely simple to sign up and become a member and it’s FREE! Meetup.com currently have over 1 million subscribers. Just visit www.meetup.com to join.

14  The Power of PR

Write an article that demonstrates your expertise in your field. Send it to non-competing newspapers, magazines, and web sites. Be sure that your name, business name, reference to your product or service and phone number are included at the end of the article. If the editor can use the article, you get your name in print, and possibly get your contact information printed for free, too. This also gives you the opportunity to be associated with creditable publications and media which will in turn enhance your brand recognition within the community.

15  Advertise your Service in an existing client’s office.

You can display your promotional materials for example; brochures in your client’s offices. If these items are displayed well such as, on a counter, a bulletin board or even in a waiting room visitors will ask questions or read the information. Some may take your promotional materials and display them in other places, increasing your visibility.

There you are, 15 Suggested ways to promote business for free – Now implement a couple into your business to help you promote business for free…

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