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Building a Business Relationship to create your Dream Team

Business Relationship For Business Growth – Part 2

How good is your business relationship with the people on your team?

This part 2 of a 3 part article you can re-visit Part 1

There has been heaps of research into different characteristics of a business relationship and as to what drives people.  Some of it is based on who they are naturally – the savvy business owner would want to understand his team to improve the business relationship.  Two assessments that a business owners may consider to use are DISC and VAK.

DISC is a four quadrant assessment that describes the natural tendencies of a person.  DISC stands for:

D – Dominant, thinks of the task, decisive, cuts to the chase, thinks in bullet points and is results orientated.

I – Influencer, thinks of people, they are great at building relationships and want to get to know you on a personal level (kids school, sports, hobbies, etc.)

S – Steady, thinks of people that like to move at a very predictable pace.  Think of someone who enjoys a consistent routine and thrives in that kind of environment.

C – Compliant, thinks of the task, they like lots of details and make decisions slower.  C’s need lots of information before they are able to make a decision.

OK, that’s great but what does it mean?  Look at the roles that are filled in your business and decide what kind of DISC profile would be most appropriate for the role.  For example, if you have a book keeper or accountant in your business – what DISC profile would be the best fit?  My guess is that you are looking for someone with a decent “C” score otherwise they’ll struggle with the precision the role requires.

Putting people in roles that match who they are is the second step on improving your business relationship with your team.

In part 3 – VAK

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